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  • Pixelworks mobile display processing technology

    Pixelworks mobile display processing technology has a history of more than 20 years, providing innovative image processing services to leading suppliers of consumer electronics, professional displays and video streaming services. Pixelworks mobile display processing technology enables the industry's top flagship displays and provides high-quality visual experience for smartphones at different prices. Pixelworks processor introduces the film large screen technology into smart phones, so that movies, games, video calls, online shopping, photography and various other contents have excellent and most authentic viewing experience;

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  • Three axis electronic compass for smart phone

    As an upgrade of navigation applications, AKM's electronic compass has been accumulating customers and improving supply performance since the dawn of the smartphone market. At present, 70% of the smart phones equipped with electronic compass in the world use the company's electronic compass. Therefore, the company has rich technical experience and overwhelming market share. In addition to the use of smart phones, 3D magnetic sensors are also widely used in "window opening and closing" state detection, cylinder stroke detection, joystick and fine metal detection, AR / VR action detection and so on.

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  • Shengbang microelectronics high efficiency switching 5A lithium battery charging management chip sgm41509

    In recent years, the popularity of USB type-C interface has brought revolutionary changes to mobile phone fast charging. The charging capacity of various high-power switching and switched capacitor charging management chips has been rapidly improved, and the power of mobile phone adapter has developed from 5W, 10W and 18W to 30W, 40W, 65W and even 120W. The pleasure brought by fast charging is deeply loved by users. Low price and high configuration has become the development trend of the industry. It is imperative to configure fast charging for medium and low-end mobile phones. At the same time, with the development of fast charging, the cost of adapter has been greatly reduced. Today, 5V / 3a and 5V / 4A output adapters can be seen everywhere in major e-commerce platforms. The trend of low price and high configuration and the continuous popularization of low-voltage and high current adapters provide a broad space for the fast charging chip sgm41509 with low price and high efficiency.

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  • Fast charging scheme of innoseco charger

    Multi port PD fast charging has multiple output ports, which can charge mobile phones and notebooks at the same time. It is very popular in the market. However, in the current 100W fast charging, a single interface can output 100W. After connecting other interfaces, the output power will be reduced to 65W or 45W, which will soon affect the fast charging experience. Aiming at the problem of 100W fast charging and speed reduction, innosecco has launched a 200W gallium nitride 3c2a multi port fast charging reference design with high power density, which supports power blind insertion. When double C-Port output, it can output 100W full power without affecting the fast charging experience. When three C-Ports output at the same time, it is 100W + 45W + 45W, ensuring that one C-Port can output full power, While ensuring the use experience, it can also charge the connected equipment as high as possible.

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  • Sensortek distance ambient light sensor

    Scheme features:


    *16 bit solution for proximity;

    *The built-in LED driver can be configured flexibly

    —LED turn-on time : 7 steps IT

    —LED current : 3.125 / 6.25 / 12.5 / 25 / 50 /75 / 100 /125 / 150 / 175 / 200 mA

    *Flexible interrupt mode:

    —Several interrupt modes meet application requirements

    —Flag modes are included

    —Persistence : 1/2/4/8 times

    *Low noise

    *High ambient light suppression

    *940nm for stk33562

    Ambient Light Sensor

    *16 bit scheme for ambient light detection

    *The third generation ambient light sensor turns off the response of human eyes and suppresses the infrared line spectrum

    *Flexible digital settings:

    – Integration time : 7 steps IT

    *Flexible interrupt mode:

    – Interrupt while out-of- window

    – Persistence : 1/2/4/8 times

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  • STK acceleration sensor

    With FIFO scheme: stk8321

    *Low voltage operation:

    - power supply voltage: 1.7V ~ 3.6V

    - input / output voltage range: 1.62V ~ 3.6V

    *± 2G / ± 4G ± / 8g range selection

    *I2C communication

    *3-wire & 4-wire SPI communication

    *2-way physical interrupt

    *Low noise

    *12bit output

    *10000g high impact survivability

    *On chip interrupt controller, motion trigger is used for interrupt signal generation

    - new data

    - any motion (slope) detection

    - Major Sports

    *On chip FIFO, integrated 32 frame FIFO buffer

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  • Mpu6881 solution

    1. Full range ± 250, ± 500, ± 1000, and ± 2000 ° / sec

    2. Integrated 16 bit ADC

    3. Gyro working energy consumption: 3.2mA

    4. The full grid sensing range of the accelerator is ± 2G, ± 4G ± 8g and ± 16g

    5. The normal working current of the accelerator is only 450 μ A

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  • Hongxinyu - save now, save the future!

    The core products of Shenzhen hongxinyu Electronics Co., Ltd. are embedded memory, mobile memory and integrated circuit main controller, which can be widely used in consumer electronics, industrial electronics, Internet of things, cloud computing, mobile applications and artificial intelligence.

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  • Zhaoguan electronic vehicle intelligent cockpit vision processing solution

    Zhaoguan electronics is a developer of vision AI chips and vision assisted glasses. It focuses on the research and development of computer vision system and AI chips. It is committed to giving vision to all robots, UAVs, unmanned vehicles and other intelligent devices, so that they can have the ability of object and scene recognition and automatically identify common objects in life.

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  • (AKM) in vehicle IVI entertainment system solution

    AKM provides solutions for in vehicle infotainment system (IVI) to improve sound quality, acoustics and entertainment. By using D / a converter to improve sound quality, and using audio and voice processor to achieve sound effect and entertainment, the cabin space is shrouded in the best sound effect. The audio IC of AKM will make your driving experience more comfortable and pleasant.

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