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  • Zhaoguan electronic vehicle intelligent cockpit vision processing solution

    Zhaoguan electronics is a developer of vision AI chips and vision assisted glasses. It focuses on the research and development of computer vision system and AI chips. It is committed to giving vision to all robots, UAVs, unmanned vehicles and other intelligent devices, so that they can have the ability of object and scene recognition and automatically identify common objects in life.

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  • (AKM) in vehicle IVI entertainment system solution

    AKM provides solutions for in vehicle infotainment system (IVI) to improve sound quality, acoustics and entertainment. By using D / a converter to improve sound quality, and using audio and voice processor to achieve sound effect and entertainment, the cabin space is shrouded in the best sound effect. The audio IC of AKM will make your driving experience more comfortable and pleasant.

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  • AKM car sound solution

    The audio and speech processors provided by AKM can improve the acoustic effect. Acoustics is one of the most important factors in the field of in vehicle infotainment. AKM's audio and voice processor makes you feel the sound in front of you when driving. AKM calls this unique sound effect "real space sound".

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  • (AKM) automobile T-box solution

    Ak7759 hardware scheme features

    1. Even if the host cannot operate, the voice processing of hands-free eCall can be enabled

    2. During normal operation, the audio path of the ak7759 bypasses its integrated DSP, providing a transparent analog direct path from microphone input to output. In this case, the HF processing of the host will be used.

    3. When eCall needs to be placed in an emergency, the HF software of AKM will be used to enable the DSP of ak7759 and completely bypass the host. In the event of catastrophic damage to the vehicle, this eliminates the dependence on the host for the necessary treatment.

    4. Microphone input supports differential, single ended and Pseudo differential signal interfaces

    5. Ak7759 can operate independently. The user can select and download one program from four preloaded DSP programs stored in the external EEPROM at a time

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  • Dreamcore vehicle positioning solution

    The mxt907am low-cost, single frequency RTK high-precision positioning and orientation module suite launched by dreamchip technology is based on the design of high-precision navigation and positioning chip with completely independent intellectual property rights, fully supports the beidou-3 satellite signal system, and adopts dual antenna single frequency RTK orientation algorithm to realize high-precision positioning and orientation functions, It is a cost-effective and high-precision orientation solution launched by dreamcore technology for civil high-precision orientation applications. At present, the scheme has been tested and evaluated by end customers, and its precision and performance are excellent. It has become the mainstream scheme in 5g oriented market.

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  • UltraSense Smart Button - Detects expected pressing and unexpected touch

    Advantages over mechanical switches

    Fully integrated, programmable digital buttons

    Standalone module design: Manufacturability for easy system integration

    Configurable force threshold for each button

    You can configure the button size according to the module size

    Solid state button: no mechanical moving parts, no wear

    Touch pattern recognition (single, double, triple beat, hold, etc.)

    Direct interface to external haptic drivers/actuators

    RGB backlight is integrated into the module

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  • Powlicon car DCDC dedicated solution

    Powlicon car DCDC dedicated solution advantage

    Baoshi Micro focuses on energy storage and fast charging products, and can make SEAMLESS PTP replacement for mainstream devices in the market, and provide higher cost performance;

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  • Basic semiconductor motor drive solutions

    Typical application of SIC module in new energy vehicle

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  • The application of Innogan in new energy vehicles

    GaN application in new energy vehicle

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  • Nation

    Overview of automotive electronics applications

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